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  1. Information about Procedure "PPR-Request" (PDF)
  2. The PPR can only be requested via your customer account at https://my.airport.software/EDMO
  3. .
  4. The required customers and aircraft data can be easily managed by you in your own customer account via https://my.airport.software/EDMO
  5. All required passport control datas can be provided by you through your customer account at https://my.airport.software/EDMO
  6. Customs regulations: Custom regulations PDF) 
Your way through customs 

General customs information:

Information about the airport: Airportdata
Information about IFR flight operations are avilable at: Europ. AIS-Database
Information about VFR flight operations


Operation Permit

Summary of the possibilities for the operational use of Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen (EDMO) by “Qualified Business Aviation”

Definition „Qualified Business Aviation“
Take-offs and landings in en-route air traffic under IFR with aircraft of a MTOM of at least 2t up to a maximum of 25t as well as aircraft types Falcon 7 X, Global XRS (including types Global 5000, Global Express and Global 6000), Gulfstream G550 (including types G500, G350, G450, GIII, GIV, GV and G650), as well as in en-route air traffic (IFR and VFR) with helicopters with a MTOM up to 5,0 t in

- Taxi flights or
- Corporate flights or
- flights for non-commercial purposes.

Scheduled and non-scheduled air services in the form of generally accessible charter traffic taking place at specific times are not permitted. Non-scheduled air services in the form of taxi flights are permitted only as air transport on request without individual seat reservation.

Noise Abatement Requirements
The jet aircraft or turbine-powered aeroplanes used for such flights must have a noise certificate complying at least with ICAO Annex 16 Chapter 3 for take-offs and landings.
Propeller-driven aeroplanes shall fulfill the increased noise-abatement requirements in accordance with Article 4 paragraphs 2 and 3 of the German regulation on Noise Protection at Airfields of 5 JAN 1999 (Official Journal I, p. 35); helicopters shall fulfill the noise-protection requirements according to noise requirements (LSL) Chapter VIII.

As far as jet aircraft or turbine-powered aeroplanes are used on Sundays and public holidays or on workdays after 1900 local time, they shall fulfill the noise-protection requirements according to ICAO Annex 16 Chapter 4.

Flight Movement Contingents
A maximum of 9725 flight movements of qualified business aviation traffic per calendar year are permitted.
On Sundays and public holidays a maximum of 200 flight movements a year may be conducted.
Business aviation flights of helicopters are not permitted on Sundays and public holidays.

Airport Operational Hours 
Monday to Friday (except Holiday):    07.00 till 21.00 CE(S)T;
Saturday (except Holiday):                 08.00 till 21.00 CE(S)T;
Sunday and Holiday:                          09.00 till 21.00 CE(S)T;

All Departures/Arrivals are subject to “PPR” (= “Prior Permission Required“) by the airport operator EDMO-Flugbetrieb GmbH.


The PPR-Procedure has the benefit of a very comfortable access to/from the aircraft by car for the passengers and the crew members. Details and Forms incl. Border Police and Customs- Regulations can be found above.

RAS Rheinland Air Service offers professional handling service to all customers. Information can be found on: www.ras.de

Private Aviation Catering Service by Hilton Munich Munich Airport is supplying First Class Catering Services to all customers on a daily basis. Information can be found on: private-aviation-catering.com

Maintenance Service

Hangar Parking Space
Limited parking space available. Please contact Traffic Management EDMO for further information.

Fuelling Fuelling service by BP-Agency. Accepted Carnets: BP, ESSO. Only Jet A1 available!

Border Police Clearance
Data for Border Police Clearance for flights to/from Non-Schengen-States have to be sent at least 2 HR in advance to the Traffic Management Office EDMO. You can provide those data via your account at https://my.airport.software/EDMO

Customs Regulations
EDMO is not a regular customs airport for entry/exit from/to Non-EU-Areas. Therefore applications for Customs Clearance have to be sent normally 24 hours, but at least 10 hours in advance to the Traffic Management Office EDMO.

Commercial cargo flights
Commercial cargo flights are not permitted.

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