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Balloon launches

The european airspace is divided into several classes. One is the control zone, which protects the airspace in the vicinity of an aerodrome (called airspace „D“ control zone ).
One measure to protect the air traffic from danger is that the usage of this airspace has to be coordinated.
This means that even small balloons require an explizit approval.

A release for a balloon launch can be requested with our Form for balloon launches.

You can find more information about this on the homepage from the German Air Navigation Service / DFS in a special area just about balloons.

Please be aware that skylaterns are not allowed to use in Bavaria! Kindly check Bürgerservice BAYERN-RECHT online  from the Bavarian Staate Chancellerie for further information.

Drones / Model aircraft

For launches of model aircraft and unmanned aerial systems (UAS), depending of the launch area, it is required to obtain an air traffic control release in accordance to §16a LuftVO issued by the competent air traffic control unit.
A clearance in written form or by telephone has to be obtained for a launch within the control zone (CTR) of the Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen.
A strict regulation was published within the NfL I 1118/17 (PDF) published by the DFS German Air Navigation Service GmbH (German-language publication only).

In addition we would like to draw your attention to the general ruling issued by the Government of Oberbayern - Luftamt Südbayern about the granting approval for a launch of unmanned aerial systems. This general ruling as well as the fillable form for the declaration of the usage of the granting approval is available on the homepage of the Government of Oberbayern - Luftamt Südbayern Sachgebiet 25 (German-language publication only).
The clearance for launches within Austro Control supervised control zones - the CTR of the Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen is one of them – has to be considered as issued in general with the following conditions:

  • The minimum distance from the airport boundary is: 1.5 km.
  • The flight is only conducted within the operator's direct visual line of sight. (The use of binoculars, on-board cameras / FPV, night vision goggles or similar technical aids is not considered to be direct visual line of sight.).
  • At all times during the flight, the operator or a second person who is in contact with the operator must be able to observe the airspace, especially in regard to other traffic.
  • Manned aircraft operations shall be avoided at all times, preferably by flying lower to the ground or by landing.
  • Any model aircraft and/or drone (UAS) that have gone out of control must be immediately reported to the competent air traffic control unit (EDMO Tower) of the Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen.
  • Maximum weight of model aircraft: 5 kg
  • Maximum weight of unmanned aerial systems (UAS): 25 kg
  • Maximum height for model aircraft: 30 m
  • Maximum height for unmanned aerial systems (UAS): 50 m 
Explanation of terms used:
Model aircraft are operated for hobby or recreational purposes.
Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are operated for other, particularly commercial purposes (e.g. aerial photography to be published or sold).
Single individual clearance for the usage of the controlled airspace within the CTR Oberpfaffenhofen:
If it is not possible to comply with the above mentioned conditions and obligations, it is required to request a single individual air traffic control release at the EDMO Tower. The release can be include additional conditions and restrictions (e.g. defined time of the launch, continuous availability via phone), to ensure the safety of the air traffic.
Activation times as well as vertical and lateral borders of the control zone (CTR, airspace D) Oberpfaffenhofen
Activation times:
The valid activation times of the CTR Oberpfaffenhofen are published in the aeronautical information publication (AIP) Germany ENR-2.1 and are currently as following:
  • Monday to Friday (working days): 07:00 am to 19:00 pm CE(S)T. 
Additionally the CTR Oberpfaffenhofen can be activated due to flight operational reasons on short notice at any time (HX-regulation). In general on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays additional activations of the CTR have to be expected.
Vertical and lateral borders of the CTR Oberpfaffenhofen:
The Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen owns a rectangular standard control zone with a limit of the ceiling at 3500 ft MSL. The lateral border can be found e.g. at the VFR-Chart for the Oberpfaffenhofen, which is published in the respective current, valid version of the aeronautical information publication (AIP) VFR Germany.
Phone contact to the EDMO tower:
The EDMO tower can be reached during the activation times of the CTR by phone at the following number: +49 (0)8153 - 8817 2250
Further information: 

Airport Operation Permit

Summary of the possibilities for the operational use of Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen (EDMO) by “Qualified Business Aviation”

Definition „Qualified Business Aviation“
Take-offs and landings in en-route air traffic under IFR with aircraft of a MTOM of at least 2t up to a maximum of 25t as well as aircraft types Falcon 7 X, Global XRS (including types Global 5000, Global Express and Global 6000), Gulfstream G550 (including types G500, G350, G450, GIII, GIV, GV and G650), as well as in en-route air traffic (IFR and VFR) with helicopters with a MTOM up to 5,0 t in

- Taxi flights or
- Corporate flights or
- flights for non-commercial purposes.

Scheduled and non-scheduled air services in the form of generally accessible charter traffic taking place at specific times are not permitted. Non-scheduled air services in the form of taxi flights are permitted only as air transport on request without individual seat reservation.

Noise Abatement Requirements
The jet aircraft or turbine-powered aeroplanes used for such flights must have a noise certificate complying at least with ICAO Annex 16 Chapter 3 for take-offs and landings.
Propeller-driven aeroplanes shall fulfill the increased noise-abatement requirements in accordance with Article 4 paragraphs 2 and 3 of the German regulation on Noise Protection at Airfields of 5 JAN 1999 (Official Journal I, p. 35); helicopters shall fulfill the noise-protection requirements according to noise requirements (LSL) Chapter VIII.

As far as jet aircraft or turbine-powered aeroplanes are used on Sundays and public holidays or on workdays after 1900 local time, they shall fulfill the noise-protection requirements according to ICAO Annex 16 Chapter 4.

Flight Movement Contingents
A maximum of 9725 flight movements of qualified business aviation traffic per calendar year are permitted.
On Sundays and public holidays a maximum of 200 flight movements a year may be conducted.
Business aviation flights of helicopters are not permitted on Sundays and public holidays.

Airport Operational Hours 
Monday to Friday (except Holiday):   07.00 till 21.00 CE(S)T;
Saturday (except Holiday):                 08.00 till 21.00 CE(S)T;
Sunday and Holiday:                          09.00 till 21.00 CE(S)T;

All Departures/Arrivals are subject to “PPR” (= “Prior Permission Required“) by the airport operator EDMO-Flugbetrieb GmbH.