"PPR" – Procedure for Landing and Departure at the Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen

All landings / departures at the Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen (EDMO) are subject to „PPR" (Prior Permission Required) by the Airport Operator (EDMO-Flugbetrieb GmbH).

Following flight application procedure for PPR-Issuance is mandatory for all Aviation Customers:

1.  The PPR can only be requested via https://my.airport.software/EDMO (you can change the language in the upper right corner)

2.  All required data (eg. customer data, aircraft data) can be managed in your own account via https://my.airport.software/EDMO

3.  If your departure-/destination aerodrome is outside „Schengen"-area all passport control data can be manged in your account via https://my.airport.software/EDMO

4. Customs Regulations

4.1 PPR_Requests for flights subject to customs clearance
The Traffic Management EDMO has to notify the supervising Customs Office about all flights arriving from or departing to countries outside the EU area in time (if possible 24 hours, basically at least 10 hours before the planned flight) Therefore your PPR-Requests should be sent to the Traffic Management EDMO as early as possible to be able to meet the time limits.

4.2 Import of Goods
Imports from countries that are not EU Member States and from special regions, which exceed the limits of the current tax-and duty-free allowances are not permitted.
As a result the delivery of customs declarations for crew and passengers is no longer necessary.
Information concerning duty free allowances and answers to referred FAQs can be found on: http://www.zoll.de/EN/Home/home_node.html.
Persons who nevertheless bring along goods which are subject to duties orto any prohibitions and restrictions are obliged to report to "Sachgebiet Kontrolle des Hauptzollamtes Rosenheim"in Weilheim immediately: Tel.: +49-881-92497-0 / +49-89-5109-00 (Mon.- Fri. 8 o'clock a.m. to 2 o'clock p.m.) or +49-9922-8438-0 (24 h).

5. Other Information

The PPR can only be set up via https://my.airport.software/EDMO ! We can not accept PPR via mail, fax or phone. The PPR-Procedure is necessary to comply with the conditions laid down in the Airport-Approval of the Administration Authority as well to guarantee an efficient and orderly handling.
All Aviation Customers are kindly requested to observe the „PPR"-Regulations strictly.