Valid from: 15.10.2021

NET price: 1,135€/ltr

Incl. energy tax: 1,7895€/ltr              MOT (0,6545€/ltr)

Incl. 19% VAT: 2,13€/ltr


If you do not have a Customer-Account at EDMO-Airport,

you need a Fuel Release


Currently we do not offer Credit Card Payment 


We do work with the following Fuel Providers

JETEX fueldispatch@jetex.com

AEG dispatch@aegfuels.com

GFS fuel@gfs.aero

WFS TSOPS@wfscorp.com

Valcora fuel@valcora.ch


Fuel-Release need to be send to EDMO-Airport (ops@edmo-airport.de)