Valid from: 08.10.2022

NET price: 1,515€/ltr

MOT (0,6545€/ltr)

Incl. energy tax: 2,1695€/ltr

Incl. 19% VAT: 2,58€/ltr


Currently we do not offer Credit Card Payment.

Without an Customer-Account at EDMO-Airport,

you must request a Fuel Release in advance.


We do „only“ work with the following Fuel Providers





Titan Aviation Fuels

(MOT) Mineral oil tax exemption 

To save the MOT in Germany the pilot needs to hand out an (AOC displayed with the specific Aircraft REG) before refuelling.

If the AOC (displayed with the Aircraft REG) is not handed out while refuelling, there is no possibility to refund these later.

Please keep in mind:

Aircraft above 12 T MTOW require (AOC displayed with specific Aircraft REG.)

Aircraft below 12 T MTOW require (Zollerlaubnisschein displayed with the specific Aircraft REG.)

These are the rules and regulations of German Customs.

How to apply for Zollerlaubnisschein in Germany.

Please try to apply with the document 1160, this will be a permanent approval.

If you can’t get a permanent approval, then you should try with the document 1161 which is a singe use approval.

The filled-out document needs to be sent to above e-Mail address. The form will be valid only, once its signed and stamped from German customs. The operator or pilot must do this by himself. Keep in mind this procedure does take time, so we recommend applying for this document at least a week in advance. We do not have German customs based at the EDMO-Airport.

(VAT) Value added tax exemption

To save the VAT in Germany the Operator/Pilot needs to send an

(AOC displayed with your company name) + (VAT-ID)


once it is saved in our system, future invoices will be without VAT.